Psychological services | Psychological help Oleg Osoznanniy

Psychological assistance is multifaceted in nature. Psychologist helps solve the problem of interactions with others and with the inner world. Help psychologist in my face, first of all, qualified support with a focus on reliable result. Great experience allows to advise clients on a personal and professional issues. My psychologist’s services are highly professional and individual approach. In providing services of a psychologist, I give myself entirely to the client that allows you to understand the problems of the most deeply.

Phsycologist servises

  1. Psychological counseling

    Sessions are held in the comfort of one on one. If this is not possible psychological assistance is provided by Skype. I help clients to deal with fear, depression, low self-esteem, psychosomatic. You can contact me if you have touched the problem of panic attacks.

  2. Personal development

    For the development of the individual services of a psychologist in Kiev can be very useful. Using effective techniques, I help clients to better understand their potential and grow professionally and morally. Basically, the activities are aimed at self-knowledge and working with ideas. Together with the client we choose a goal and move confidently toward her.

  3. Personal growth

    I spend interesting and effective training for personal development, as well as being a certified coach trainer and business coach.

I told you about the services of a psychologist in my face. Enough delicate question – the cost of psychological services. In my work I try not to infringe upon the interests of the client and take care of their own. The exact figures depend on the type of psychological assistance. Get more detailed information you can call.