Transpersonal Psychology - Oleg Osoznanniy

Transpersonal psychology

«It is better to know nothing than know much half»

Friedrich Nietzsche

Transpersonal psychology – a psychology section, which covers the study of special states of consciousness. At the same time it takes other psychological techniques to help improve the human condition. Transpersonal psychology is associated with spiritual growth practices. It’s pretty open for, and it is easy to admit to the newest theories, views and approaches. Transpersonal experts are studying the spiritual world of man. Not so many experts in Kiev working in this field. Since childhood I was interested in spiritual practices. Transpersonal psychology is effective as it combines various psychological areas (technology of personal growth, psycho, psychotherapy) philosophy.

Benefits therapy

Resulting in clinical practice, information is increasingly say that the transpersonal therapy shows good results even when psychodynamic therapy did not give results.

If you try to capture the essence of the transpersonal method as briefly as possible, then we can say that it built a bridge between the emotional and spiritual development of growing up. Transpersonal psychology is designed to restore the integrity of the person, to find your own way.

The elements of transpersonal psychotherapy?

In addition to other techniques, this trend implies meditation techniques imagination and trance work. In some cases, these techniques may not be necessary, because many people experience spontaneous “peak experiences”, which may be included in the advice. Therefore, technology is not as important. In the first place professional belief that this therapy works, as well as experience with transpersonal experiences.