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Psychological counseling on Skype

«What we are actually meant for our happiness is much more than what we have»

Arthur Schopenhauer

Consulting psychologist on Skype – it is an opportunity to receive quality support remotely. This communication method has its advantages. The psychologist on Skype will provide you with timely support in a comfortable atmosphere for you and your convenience. Many customers, who do not live in Kiev, taking advantage of this kind of support. Using a web camera and microphone allows you to experience the state of the client and help him as if we were in the room together. Is it better to get advice from a full-time person who does not have sufficient experience or get professional help, using modern technology? Remember, if you need psychological counseling, modern technology will help to find a real way out of the situation.

Advantages of a psychologist on Skype:

  1. The customer has the opportunity to be in a pleasant home environment where he feels comfortable and protected.
  2. Since there is no need to come to the office of a psychologist, psychological counseling for Skype allows you to save time. In addition, you can choose the most convenient schedule consultations.
  3. Psychological counseling on Skype fits too timid and shy people, who believe that a psychologist is a sign of weakness.

Features of work

We talk on the phone, assign time and discuss other details. At the agreed time we go directly to the consulting psychologist on Skype. We are in dialogue, and comfortable for both of us. You can start with the story of his life, or go directly to the description of the problem. Some customers prefer to share current emotions. I will help you understand why your life have developed certain situations, and also to see – what should I do to change them. In conclusion, we summarize the session and you will see at once that change has already started to happen.