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I conduct seminars and trainings in the following areas:

  • Personal growth training
  • Psychological training
  • Training in coaching

Seminars and trainings of personal growth

«Lifelong learning – the key to success in the XXI century. Lifelong learning – this is a minimum requirement for success in your (and any other) area of activity.»

Brian Tracy

Personal Growth Training is different from those which train professional characteristics, especially those that provide knowledge, develop skills and develop universal skills. Training of personal growth – it attribute of modern successful person. It allows you to see the world in a different light and understand the operating rules and principles, which had not previously been known. Experienced coach Oleg Conscious simulates life situations, giving the job. In other words, it causes the brain and heart burn.

Why visit the training of personal growth

The first training occurred in the first half of the twentieth century and became very popular. The meaning of the word comes down to training, so training are always interesting and active. Coming to my personal growth training in Kiev people participate in a joint interactive space, get new information and become freer.

Psychological training helps people to improve their financial condition with minimal waste of human resources. They are working on the development of man’s inner world, expanding the range of opportunities as well as high-quality use of all non-conscious talents. In my eyes, the average salesman became one of the best in the team, the barber opened his business. Each participant gets a step (or a flight of stairs), is higher than it was prior to the training of personal growth.

Recommendations coach trainer

To get the maximum benefit, you need to choose the training that meets current needs. It is necessary to solve problems that are important at the present time (revenue growth, time management, improve family relationships). Decide on the needs we can on a personal consultation. In any case, the training of personal development, will bring you tangible benefits.

April 3, 2016 in Kiev took place free lecture on the psychology of the individual.

On the topic of “Our attention – is the golden key”
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