Self-knowledge of personality - Oleg Osoznanniy


«The greatest events – are not our noisiest, but our most quiet hours»

Friedrich Nietzsche

Self-knowledge is a process that involves familiarity with himself. Often, in the rush and bustle, we forget to think about what really want and where to aim. Knowledge itself is interesting and important fact that the more a man knows himself, the more interesting it gets around, the easier it is possible to build a connection with the world. Quality of life becomes much higher. The self-consciousness of personality is the ability to recognize themselves present. I like the psychologist knows that the more we know ourselves, the happier and freer we become.

The work process

On my advice the client is aware of its deep essence, the potential personal needs. He comes to me for self-knowledge and with the help of various tools, I am helping to make a big step in that direction.

Introspection. During the conversation, I see what the reaction innate what emotions they trigger. It is important not only to notice a pattern, but also to track your response to it. Often, our feelings suggest the true attitude to the phenomena and processes. Secondary use – I can see recurring patterns adjust them.

Comparison. In some cases, it may be useful for the development of the individual. The client compares himself to okoruzhayuschimi, trying on their role and, ultimately, better understand themselves and increases self-awareness.

The method of the unity of opposites. During the sessions, it is important to the client to understand that some of its traits can be both good and bad. Nobody is perfect, but that is no reason to deny yourself in relationships with people.

Self psychology includes such tools: self-report, films and other products of creativity, reading books on psychology, passing tests, socio-psychological training. All this can be included as part of homework.

If you have seriously decided to strengthen the identity of the person, in addition to these methods, use the help of a psychologist. I gently guide you give to understand where and what better way to develop. Remember that the closer to his “I”, you will become happier your surroundings.