Low self-esteem Overcoming complexes — Oleg Osoznanniy

Overcoming low self-esteem

In the information age, people are very easily amenable to suggestion. Therefore, every second patient – low self-esteem. A few decades ago, this problem was not so popular. What happened now?

Hype and success “dostigatorstva” as well as photos of the beautiful life of social networks did their job. Against this background, bloom their old complexes in humans. But what is even worse – produced new ones.

Most often the person himself knows that his self-esteem low. It’s impeding to live. No matter how you tried to disguise his own dislike for themselves, it is manifested in many details.

For example:

  • you are afraid to take on a responsible job – believe that not cope;
  • you avoid confrontation with other people and defending their opinions – you think you are weaker;
  • you do not see anything good in itself – but its disadvantages know by heart;
  • only trust the opinions of others – you consider yourself a priori wrong.

In fact, low self-esteem leads to the fact that you feel uncomfortable, not only in communication with other people. You uncomfortable, even alone. This situation causes a permanent neurosis. live happily in such conditions – it is impossible.

But how to get rid of complexes which have been accumulated over the years and decades? With practicing psychologist it is quite real. I give a simple and effective recommendations for each day – so the process will go step by step.

We will see exactly the situation in which the manifested low self-esteem, and find its causes. We also found some attitudes of its launch, and then neutralize them. You will learn to love and accept yourself completely – will gain inner core and the strength to live the full and happy life, you’ve always dreamed.