Psychosomatics | The psychologist Oleg Osoznanniy


«A man does not choose his illness, but he chooses to stress – stress just chooses disease»

Irvin Yalom

Health problems psychosomatic property is something with which faced almost everyone. Sometimes the body reflects our inner feelings. Remember the feeling when the stress abdominal cramps occur? Unfortunately, this is just one of the easiest examples. Sometimes a person starts to hurt, and the traditional means of medicine does not help him. In this case, there is a psychosomatic medicine, which is solved with the help of a psychologist.

Psychosomatic disease causes

Psychosomatic manifestations are varied and unique. Inability to accept the external circumstances can sometimes lead to problems with the digestive tract. However, it should be understood that any disease can cause a variety of factors. The psychologist will be able to understand the real cause and help in the treatment of psychosomatic medicine. The essence of psychosomatic disorders is to ensure that people suppress their emotions, and this results in a disease. Restrained emotions create emotional stress. Meanwhile, as the emotions are the bridge between the psychic and somatic spheres. Initially, this can lead to psychosomatic symptoms, but ignoring future problems symptoms may progress to a disease. A psychologist is a person who knows how to clean up the emotions, so it is effective in dealing with psychosomatic.

Features of work

It is important to remember that to solve psychosomatics psychologist is only after you have visited a specialist profile. The sooner you contact the specialists, and then the psychologist, the better the results. For the diagnosis, I use the main tool of work – a dialogue. At the same time I pay attention to posture, movement, speech and breathing customer.