Consulting psychologist in Kiev - Oleg Osoznanniy

Psychological counseling

«To grow tall and proud, a tree needs storms»

Irvin Yalom

Psychological counseling in Kiev is the practice, which I do almost every day. I can say that in my professional career met customers with problems in different spheres of life. Working with a multi-faceted experience has made me an expert. Psychological counseling is primarily a study of the internal world of the client. Sometimes it is associated with unpleasant experiences, but, ultimately, these emotions are healing.

Work description

For maximum results, I work with a client in a comfortable environment. The important point consultation with a psychologist – a sincere dialogue. The more honestly and openly is the client, the better the results he gets. The atmosphere plays an important role in this.

The first psychological counseling in Kiev begins with the story of the life of the client, his emotions related to a situation of difficulties contacting the people or themselves. Psychologist listening to the client and ask clarifying questions. I strive to create a comfortable space for experiences in which the client will be revealed as freely as possible. If there is discomfort – together we are studying it and eliminate. Psychological counseling is a conversation between two people who care. I sympathize with your problems and share their experiences.

Many customers ask how much counseling they need a psychologist to solve the problem. I can assure you, the very first dose you will feel relief. Every meeting leads to striking insights about life and himself.

Here is a list of improvements that await you after our meeting:

  • the development of confidence, based on an objective perception of themselves and their own goals;
  • creating the right balance with regard to the adoption of the help use their own resources;
  • improving communication skills, the ability to stay in a happy relationship to put an end in a timely manner;
  • raising the general tone of life;