Positive thinking — Oleg Osoznanniy

Working with positive thinking and emotions

Positive and negative thinking are important factors that determine a person’s life. Although not everyone can notice or track this influence. In fact, right thoughts are very often the key to solving problems. People even wonder how cool life can change if you just start thinking in a new way.

But there is nothing surprising in this. After all, thoughts are an impulse to action. So you discover new behaviors. You see the opportunities that were previously hidden. Become more flexible and relaxed.

Why is it so difficult to be attuned to positive thinking?

There are many books, articles, films in the public domain that tell how to start living with good thoughts and always be positive. But, as a rule, the advice in them is superficial. They either do not inspire confidence at all, or work only until the first serious difficulties.

Why is this happening? First, positive and negative thinking is formed over the years – even decades. This habit is not easy to win. Secondly, this requires a full-fledged strategy and concrete tactical steps. They are designed taking into account the characteristics of a person:

  • Character;
  • The basic attitudes and habits;
  • Life experience;
  • Specific circumstances.

Based on all these nuances, I, as a practicing psychologist, help to really set up effective positive thinking. I help not only to get rid of destructive thoughts (programs), but also to develop a new reaction to any events. The one that strengthens you, but does not weaken.

Also I will help you to distinguish the present positive thinking from dangerous blind optimism. Together we will develop your personal effective life strategy, which will allow you to rise to a new level of development, live brightly, harmoniously and happily.