Practical psychologist in Kiev - Oleg Osoznanniy

I`m – Oleg Osoznanniy
Practicing psychologist, personal growth coach.

Psychology has interested me since adolescence and does not let go until now. The study of of every individual to better understand our world and make it better.

Psychologist – a person who will help to solve many of the problems that occur in your life. Each person there comes a time in life when it goes astray and needs the help of a stranger who will listen and help define further plans for a successful life.

Personal growth psychology allows improved in various spheres of life. Complex changes will help you to become more successful, not only in his profession but also a better understanding of their environment. Many conflicts in the life of every human being are due to misunderstanding and incomprehension blizkih.Protsess cultivation requires a lot of effort over himself and achieves good results. Observing the changes of my clients I have a desire to improve. My clients inspire me and give vitality to new beginnings.

Individual psychological counseling to help you become more confident in their abilities and understand clearly how to reach life goals. Trainings and seminars on psychology will help to realize their potential and find new friends who will share the success achieved goals.

I will be glad to help you to solve the problems and achieve their goals!