Personal coaching can make an invaluable contribution to the process of personal development. What tasks does it solve?


  • Find motivation;
  • Formulate a goal;
  • Determine the best ways to achieve it;
  • Stay on the chosen course or flexibly change the ways of behavior.


Individual coaching is built on the fruitful interaction between the coach and the client. It differs significantly from consulting or training, during which the trainer gives ready-made recommendations.

In the process of personal coaching, the client learns to find a solution on his own. The coach’s task is only to ask the right questions, listen to the answers and guide the person to the right actions.

Organizational coaching: two in one

Personal growth affects not only the person himself, but also his environment. Especially when it comes to the head or owner of a business. His personal effectiveness determines the success of his business, and hence the successes of employees and subordinates.

Therefore, individual coaching for the manager will definitely be useful. And that’s why:


  • Improve managerial skills;


You begin to set the right tasks, allocate responsibilities and unload yourself to achieve more global goals;


  • There is flexibility in resolving conflicts;


You find the most painless way to settle any conflict and benefit from it;


  • Increased stress resistance;


You no longer give in to stress and panic, remain calm and reasonable – take only weighted decisions.

Organizational coaching will help you better understand your employees, assess their potential and abilities, and motivate them to achieve common goals.