Enlightenment — Oleg Osoznanniy


Enlightenment is the full realization of the very essence of life. This is a state of absolute enlightenment. What will it give you? Does this change your life? Yes! And it changes dramatically:

  • In your thoughts and emotions, peace and clarity prevail;
  • Consciousness is expanding and you have natural flexibility in decisions;
  • The illusions and traps with which your mind is now full are eliminated;
  • Complexes disappear – you simply realize their senselessness;
  • The consequences of long-standing injuries and unpleasant situations.

In the end, you get rid of psychological suffering. And this is not a temporary measure. Enlightenment gives a certain immunity from further trauma, because the general approach to life changes. In any situation, you remain conscious that does not allow you to roll back into the negative. This is a completely new quality of life.

How can this be achieved?

Many people think that meditation is the only way to the state of enlightenment. In fact, this is only one possible way. But I will teach you to correctly meditate: focus on the moment “here and now”, realize its saturation and achieve a full presence in the present moment.

In time, you will learn to realize the present all the time. What results will such continuous meditation give?

  • The problems of the past will lose their value – you will no longer be continually returning to them and experiencing unpleasant moments again and again.
  • Fear and, in general, any concern for the future will disappear.
  • Finally, you breathe freely and begin to live a rich, real life.

Enlightenment is achieved through other methods. They are all in my arsenal, and I will gladly share them with you. Step by step we will free your consciousness from everything that prevents you from living happily. With inner harmony, prosperity begins in all