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Individual psychological counseling

«We create all of our experiences. And all that we have created, we can destroy ourselves»

Irvin Yalom

Millions of people around the world get rid of their problems through high-quality psychological care. In the US, almost everyone has a personal psychologist. Fortunately, today the Ukrainians have the opportunity to receive psychological care quality. It is important to choose a specialist, who will be able to trust.

Individual psychological counseling – is, above all, honest conversation between two people that are configured for a positive result. It is important to understand that any problem can be solved if desired. The psychologist has techniques that help deal with the problem at any stage. All individual psychological counseling aimed at a systematic and effective work.

Individual psychological counseling benefits

Individual psychological counseling begins with a discussion of the goals, which the client wants to receive. I am often faced with the fact that the customer is difficult to formulate a request. In this case, it is important to start talking found out the problem itself. We just need to trust a specialist and start to work, and the results will come quietly and begin to decorate your life.

The entire work process is a conversation. In some cases, I spend my experiments simulating the situation. Not excluded homework. I discuss with the client the methods and working conditions, as well as the expectations of the process. Thus, I can be sure exactly what you’ll help. In addition, you can feel more at ease.

Individual psychological counseling differ from the training that give much greater effect on the problem with which people faced. All my attention is only yours, so we can decide as much as possible in a compressed period of time.