Coach trainer — Oleg Osoznanniy

Coach trainer

Do you have a goal, but do you think that there is not enough personal resources to achieve it? Are you afraid that ambitions will remain empty dreams? But the possibilities of man are endless. And personal coaching, and most importantly – its results, very well illustrate this truth.

The most frequent questions that the coach helps to solve:

  • There is an idea, but I do not know how to approach it;
  • There is a problem that torments me for years and does not go away;
  • Life goes on a circle and I can not change it;
  • I feel that I’m standing still, do not develop;
  • I’m afraid not to be useful to anyone.

Why is individual coaching so popular now? We live in turbulent time. A lot of information is pouring down on us from a variety of sources. We are lost in its flow, and old complexes make themselves felt. Periodically, we feel that we are in the backyard of life.

If you are visited by such thoughts, perhaps you already need a coach coach. After all, this state is unsettling and very quickly becomes a habit. Will be repeated more often and more often. So a person pushes himself into a blind corner, acquiring the psychology of a loser. Then there is a need for personal coaching.

After all, getting out of this state is very difficult. And, as a rule, it takes a lot of priceless time. It is much more effective to cope with this helps coach coach. You have a personal specialist who directs you to your goal.

Individual coaching means your full responsibility – in fact, you will do everything yourself, but under the gentle guidance of the coach. So you increase your self-esteem and gain confidence.

I, as a coach coach, help you open your eyes, realize the real situation and your problems. With my help on individual coaching, you will learn how to analyze your actions, clearly formulate goals and determine the steps to achieve them.