What is “Karma”? In Sanskrit, the word means “action”. In the West, the law of Karma is equivalent to Newton’s law: “Strength of equal strength of opposition.”

When we think, speak or act, then we use this to their own willpower.

And although we may not realize any action one way or another it makes us suffer.

To avoid this suffering, as you know, is impossible. But here is how to minimize it, how to maintain the ability to enjoy life – on this and tell us the laws of Karma.

Here are 12 of the most interesting ones:

1. Great Law

— “What goes around comes around”. Also known as the “Law of Cause and Effect.”

— If we want to achieve happiness, peace, love and friendship, you do have to carry while others happiness, peace, love and be a true friend.

— No matter what we have done in the universe, it is always us returns.

2. Act of Creation

— Life – it is not just. It requires our participation and our efforts.

— We – part of a single organism of the universe. Our essence is not only the exterior but also the interior.

— The key to “correct” the internal state – independence from the outside world.

— Be yourself and surround yourself with those people and those things that you really like. And consciously want them to be in your life.

3. Law of Humility

— You can not make a difference as long as the first did not accept it.

— If we have enemies, and our loved ones – traits or habits that we hate, the best thing we can do – concentrate on something else. Most do not think about the enemies and Friends. And is not that the husband foul language, and that you love him for his cheerfulness.

4. Growth law

— The road is more important than the destination.

— The main thing for you – is that you have grown and changed, not the people, the city or the technology around you.

— Our lives, and the time allotted to us – that’s all we really have.

— If we change something in yourself, and our hearts, our lives will change in the same

5. Liability act

— Every time in my life that something is going wrong, the reason lies in me.

— We – the mirror of what surrounds us. And that surrounds us – is our mirror. It is a universal truth.

6. Law of universal interconnection

— Even when we do what we think insignificant, it is very important. Because all things and phenomena in the universe are interconnected.

— Each step provokes subsequent. Since forming habits.

— To work was done, it someone has to start.

— What are your steps in the past are irrelevant and not worthy of analysis. You have done so, as needed, based on the data that you have at that time were.

— The past, present and future are always linked. It is wrong to just pick up and start over “with a clean slate.”

7. Law Focus

— Вы не можете думать о двух вещах одновременно.

— Если мысли в вашей голове сосредоточены на поиске чего-то важного или духовных ценностей, в ней не остается места для жадности или гнева.

8. Law of Giving and Hospitality

— Если вы считаете что-то правдой, то должны быть готовы продемонстрировать ее на собственном опыте. Если вы не готовы — значит, у вас есть всего лишь мнение, а не знание.

— Мы знаем только то, что узнали на практике.

9. Law “Here and Now”

— Анализ прошлого и планы на будущее отвлекают вас от того, что происходит прямо здесь и сейчас.

— Старые мысли, старые модели поведения и старые мечты мешают вам находить что-то новое.

10. Law changes

— История будет повторяться до тех пор, пока вы не извлечете из нее уроки, которые заставят вас изменить свой путь.

— Глупо каждый раз делать одно и то же, и ожидать разных результатов.

11. Law of Patience and reward

— Any award requires an investment of labor.

— Only those awards that require constant labor have lasting value.

— The real joy of life is to do what you have to do and know that sooner or later you will achieve your goal.

12. The Law of Inspiration

— You will receive only what you deserve.

— The true value of something is equal to the energy and forces that you put into it.

— Any contribution to one’s own well-being is a contribution to general well-being.

— Only those who love to give, can get something inspiring.

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