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About my activity

Welcome! My name is Oleg. I am a practitioner psychologist who specializes in working with consciousness and cognitive aspects of personality. This is my personal site. Friends, let us get through to your hearts! I’d love to be heard and accepted by you … Watching over our lives become more and more obvious our confusion. Let’s stop and think about it … We all sleep … We moved away from the contact with nature, ceased to understand and hear your inner world.


What questions can I help you to solve

Work organization

  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership
  • Command philosophy


  • How to mend relations
  • How can I find a partner
  • How can I spend more time with family


  • How to lose weight, how to bring the weight back to normal
  • How can I get rid of the disease
  • How can I stop drinking or smoking

Business and Career

  • How to build your business
  • How to increase profit in business
  • How can I get the joy of work

Money and Finance

  • Why am I constantly short of money
  • How can I earn more money
  • How to properly dispose of their finances

Personal growth

  • How to set a target
  • How to achieve this goal
  • Making a decision

Meeting point


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